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Is Male Enhancement Possible for Aged Men?

Many aged men remain anxious about the size of their penis. In order to enlarge their penis they use various types of treatments available online as well as offline. But most of them do not know whether these treatments are effective or not as no scientific proof about their effectiveness is available so far. So before using any male enhancement treatment they must know what should be the size of their penis?

Normal size of penis

Most of the aged men are fooled by the false claims of large penis as the related industry is monetizing the anxiety of such people. Most of the ads in magazines and films show extra-ordinary large penis to encourage them to buy their products.

The average size of erected penis may vary but it should be somewhere between 5.5 to 6.5 inch and its girth should be 4-5 inch but if the length of the erected penis is 3 inch even then medically it is not considered as small.

Safety level of male enhancement products

Most of the advertisers offer wide variety of male enhancement products including creams, pills, supplements, ointments, stretching devices, contraptions and surgical procedures to increase the size of penis. But most of these options are offered to make money only as their effectiveness is doubtful. Most of these treatments are illegal and unapproved by FDA or any other similar authority. Most of them are unreliable even if they offer money back guarantee.

Various popular male enhancement products

Though most of the male enhancement treatment options are not reliable still many aged men use them. Some of these options may include:

Vacuum pumps: These vacuum pumps are specially designed to increase the size of your penis quickly and permanently. These pumps can also help in getting rid of erectile dysfunction problem. But the claim of such pumps is normally false as they may not give a lasting effect on your penis size even if they can help in achieving and maintaining the erection for some time.

Stretching: Various techniques to stretch the penis are also used for male enhancement since long. They pull the flaccid penis to increase its erected size. But the effectiveness of such techniques is doubtful as they are not supported with any scientific fact.

Extenders: These extenders are used to increase the size of penis by hanging weight on the penis for several hours. Nothing can be said about its effectiveness on the length of your penis but one thing is sure that it can cause curving of the penis or damage its tissues. There are more chances of negative effect or injury by using penile extenders for male enhancement.

Traction: Some aged men also use traction devices to increase the length of their penis by 1-2 inches. But it is not easy to use these devices as you will have to wear them for several hours to get effective results. The injury to the penis caused by improper use of device can be the major side effect of this male enhancement option. Moreover, very few evidences to prove the effectiveness of these extenders are available till date.

Weight loss: Though your body weight has nothing to do with the size of you penis, still let us consider it as one of the male enhancement options. Usually penis looks smaller if you are heavy weight. In such cases, if you lose weight then your penis may look larger than before. You may feel that your penis looks larger by reducing the volume of your stomach.

Surgery: Various types of surgical procedures are available to increase the length and girth of your penis. Liposuction is another kind of surgery that can help you in removing your bulging-out stomach to make your penis look 1-2 inch longer which was earlier concealed under your fatty structure. The surgery for increasing the length of the penis includes the cutting of the ligament through which your penis is connected with your pubic bone. Then some skin is grafted at the base of the penis to increase its length. The surgery to increase the girth of your penis involves various techniques. Injecting fat recovered from other body parts can be one of these techniques.

But most of the surgical procedures of male enhancement have their own side effects and post-surgery complications. So, aged men should opt for the surgery of their penis very carefully, even if they are backed by scientific facts.

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