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Natural And Healthy Alternatives To The Blue Pill

Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence that happens to men as they’re getting old. For that reason, many of them understandably are looking for an immediate solution to the issue. But do you know there are natural and healthy alternatives to blue pills? You’re surprised, right? Well, the fact that there are many products in the market that help you overcome the condition, many of them come along with some health hazards. So in this piece, I’m going to share with you some natural alternatives that will help you improve in bed forever. Let’s get started!

5 Natural alternatives to the blue pills


1. Watermelon

Are you aware of watermelon wonders? Watermelon alone does more than what some erectile dysfunction pills. Do you know why? Well, Watermelon has been tested to contain a special component of the amino acid form known as citrulline. This component helps to improve erectile dysfunction by relaxing and dilating blood vessels, thereby increasing libido and sexual desires. The citrulline is converted to arginine which is another form of amino acid responsible for increasing your libido. However, the major concern is that no one knows exactly how many watermelons one should eat to treat this dysfunction successfully.


2. Yohimbe

Another natural alternative is Yohimbe. It’s has been tested to achieve positive results in helping people with impotence. It natural way to act as male sexual enhancement serum comes in due to its ability to relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and enable easy flow of blood throughout the body. It is essential to find a quality Yohimbe because the potency depends on how it was cultivated and other factors. Remember: Excess Yohimbe doses can bring in certain side effects like a drop in blood pressure and dizziness.


3. Ginkgo biloba leaves

This is another natural herb known for its beneficial effects as a memory enhancer. However, research on this particular herb has proven that Ginkgo biloba can treat erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow in the body. Besides, the advantage of the herb is that it lacks negative health concerns, unlike other common peels. Basically, this is a sure way to deal with ED and researches have confirmed that about 85% of men with ED have testified its performance.

4. Maca Root

This is the best-known energy enhancing herb and has a long history of enhancing male sexual performance. It also helps to offer a natural burst of sexual power. It has been found to work better than many capsules and powders. Remember: Using this herb requires some caution. Small dosage is pretty enough for people with hypertension.

5. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha roots have been used for many purposes that include male sexual issues. It is highly used to treat impotence, replenish libido, and enhance male fertility. Other benefits include enhancing athletic performance and increasing energy levels.



These are natural and healthy alternatives to the blue pill. They’re all natural and potent. It is fundamental to talk to your health expert before trying any of the above herbs to ensure that you’re safe and sound.

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