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Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is simply known as the male hormone. Its production begins at puberty and it is responsible for the male physical and mental change. This hormone is also responsible for the male sex drive and it depletes with age. The effects of having low levels of testosterone can be quite detrimental since it may lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido, impotence, and other sexual related issues. It is always for the best interest that a man should do everything possible to maintain or increase the level of testosterone not only to improve on the sex drive but also for the physical well being.

Below are simple, proven and natural ways to increase the level of testosterone:


Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

Stress and low sex drive are known to be a bad combination for a sexually active male. The relationship between the two is mostly an inverse relationship. This simply means that an increase in the level of stress will significantly lower the level of testosterone. Stress is known to cause a significant reduction in the sex drive among men. It not only causes low sex drive but also other conditions such as erectile dysfunction. A portion of the erectile dysfunction cases brought by men is due to stress.

Poor performance in bed adds more psychological torture and it is highly discouraged. Cortisol which is hormone secreted when an individual has stress suppresses the production of testosterone by a huge margin. Stress brings about a ripple effect which translates to low sex drive which leads to erectile dysfunction and other issues such as loss of lean muscle, low energy levels, increase in body fat, depression, etc


Lose Weight

For the obese people, the level of testosterone is usually low and it affects their sex life. Losing the extra pounds is known to be one of the best natural tricks of improving the level of testosterone in your body. Doing exercises on a daily basis would see your testosterone levels shoot up. For older men, regular exercises are seen to improve their sex drive, reflexes, and fitness levels.

A combination of exercises such as lifting weights, press ups, squats, and bench presses can help you reach the required fitness levels. Combining proper workout and a balanced diet will ensure that you keep fit and stay healthy. A healthy and fit body will help maintain the levels of testosterone since the circulation of the blood is effective and smooth which works to your advantage when engaging in intercourse.


Get Plenty and high-quality sleep

Another effective way of increasing the levels of testosterone is by having adequate sleep. As we all know sleep is very vital and important since it refreshes our bodies and mind. We should sleep for 5-8 hours as a way of relaxing and reducing stress. Lack of sleep facilitates the production of cortisol which is known to have a negative effect on the production of testosterone. If stress is giving you insomnia the levels of your testosterone will go down. Workout your things and get back on track to avoid such a situation caused by the ripple effect of stress.


Avoid taking alcohol

Taking too much alcohol affects your endocrine system which is responsible for secreting the necessary hormones in the bloodstream fo useful application in your body. When you take alcohol the endocrine system is affected and thus no hormones including the testosterone. Reduced testosterone levels mean low sex drive which may have a lasting effect and development of conditions such as ED.


Follow the above mentioned natural ways of increasing the level of testosterone and see the difference. Natural means imply that you regain your normalcy without using any chemical or medical solutions. Improve on your lifestyle and the levels of testosterone will increase and thus improve your sex life.

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